Perkzilla Review & HOT BONUS

Perkzilla review and bonus

The inventors of Perkzilla, Simon Hodgkinson, and Jeremy Gislason initially created this program for themselves to indulge in viral traffic. Perkzilla is a tool that helps its users to establish a viral rewards system which in turn continues motivating the guests to your website to share your content, product launch, articles and more. There are different levels of rewards that can be set by the user and this can be conducted on an autopilot premise.

It ought to be mentioned that a couple of individuals who have access to the pre-launch stage of Perkzilla have aired their views about the product. Some refer to it as an easy tool to utilize whilst others have a small problem with the fact that no one can use it to market an affiliate page that is not directly managed by you.

The things I will try to establish with this Perkzilla review is to take a look at the product holistically. As much as people get carried away with the excitement of every launch, I like to keep things sensible. On a fundamental note, this product is developed for those who do not have much technical expertise. It operates on a cloud-based system, so there is nothing to download. As much as possible, it is ideal for people to view a demo of the product well before they decide if it will be right for them. Perkzilla helps you pick the items that may be used to reward those who distribute your web content or refer their friends to your website. Some typical items of perks consist of ebooks, discount coupons, promo giveaways and much more.

Most Perkzilla evaluations focus on the concept that steers the product, so I have determined not to dwell so much on that. I am going to very quickly showcase the good and the bad parts of the product. This can help each interested user to make an informed decision.


Perkzilla is excellent for the online marketing first-timer, the professional and everybody in-between. It is user-friendly, and the campaigns that you set up can run automatically without any manual input. Likewise, it lets you to choose the level of rewards that you can give to any person who helps to make your web content or product go viral. Another significant element is that the dashboard makes it simple to track as many campaigns as you opt to run. This indicates you can keep striking the right nerves in your target audience as much as you want with the help of this product.


Many can argue that the Perkzilla bonus is a highly effective add-on, but I do not believe so. It is not possible to market any affiliate page with the use of Perkzilla. This limits the value that it will generate for the online marketing professional. Nonetheless, there is a little way to navigate this tide. You can build a pre-sell page for any product you opt to advertise and use Perkzilla on it.

The release of Perkzilla appears to be an additional significant turning point in the method people enjoy viral traffic. Based on the current projections, businesses are set to take joy in better sales and an increase in their bottom line.

Perkzilla review
Perkzilla bonus
Perkzilla promote labs

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Perkzilla review and bonus


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